Sample Newsletter

March Gladness is coming in Spring 2011! Students and staff in the Puyallup School district are encouraged to make a difference in the world by joining with community members to focus on leadership and community service projects. These projects can take place anytime during the months of January, February, or March.

This year’s slogan is “Serving around the Clock”. This slogan was chosen, because serving others doesn’t have to happen only in March; it can happen any month or day of the year.

The March Gladness committee’s goal is to “rise” to meet the needs of the community. This year, schools are encouraged to find service projects that benefit their local community rather than traditional fundraisers.
This will be accomplished by:

R esponding to the needs of citizens in the community
I nteracting with other citizens to organize projects in the community
S pending time performing service
E ncouraging others to assist the community and have fun doing so

Today’s students will be in charge of the world in 20 years. March Gladness is about giving them the chance now to partner with adults to make a positive difference in our community. It is about giving students opportunities to develop the skills and commitment they will need to become successful family members, workers, and citizens. It is about helping them to become caring people and competent learners.

For more information about how you can get involved in a March Gladness project please visit!